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Raw Feeding

Our dogs do not eat kibble - we have been feeding a raw prey-model diet to our dogs for over a year now and the many positive changes we have seen in our dogs have lead us to conclude that we will never go back to kibble again.  
Don't get me wrong, many of our pups go to kibble-fed homes and we do not have a problem with that!  We understand that following a properly balanced raw diet can be time consuming, costly, and it requires a lot of education and research prior to beginning it.  However, we are more than happy to educate others and answer questions.

In fact, a lot of people, including puppy buyers, have been asking us for more information on raw feeding so listed below are resources and information on the prey-model raw diet.  
Please note: I am not a trained canine nutritionist.  While many vets currently do not embrace a raw prey-model diet and actually may discourage it, I have done extensive research and my own dogs are living proof that this is the best diet they can consume.  If you have any concerns regarding the health of your dog, please ask your veterinarian or a certified canine nutritionist.

Q: What is a prey-model raw diet and how is it different from other raw diets?
A prey-model raw diet is exactly as it sounds - a raw meat diet based on what wolves and other canines in the wild would naturally consume; that is, various parts and pieces that make up their prey.  This diet consists of a wide variety of muscle meats, bones, and organ meats.  Some raw feeders term this "franken-prey" because typically a meal is not just made up of one type of meat or animal but many.
It differs from other raw diets in that it utilizes all edible parts of prey animals.  It also does not require a large addition of grains, supplements, or fruits/vegetables.  For example, a meal may consist of a whole chicken quarter, raw green beef tripe, turkey livers, and whole chicken eggs.  A prey-model raw diet provides a complete and balanced diet!  Dogs require minerals and nutrients that come from a combination of muscle meat, bones, and organs - if one part is left out of the diet, a dog will become nutritionally deficient and likely very ill.
We do occasionally add in steamed veggies, pureed pumpkin, and fruits for added fiber.  In the raw feeding world, there is a divide on this subject (whether to feed these "extras" or not) - but in truth, it is up to each individual to determine what they will add.
We also add organic unrefined virgin coconut oil, raw apple cider vinegar, and canine probiotics to their meals because all of these have been proven to enhance health.

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